Kiyoshi's Walk

by Snackfood


After Kiyoshi watches his grandfather, Eto, compose his delicate haiku, he wonders out loud: "Where do poems come from?"

His grandfather answers by taking him on a walk through their city, where they see a cat perched on a hill of oranges; hear the fluttering of wings; imagine what's behind a tall wall; and discuss their walk, with each incident inspiring a wonderful new haiku from Eto. As Kiyoshi discovers that poems come from the way the world outside of us meets the world within each of us, he also finds the courage to write a haiku of his own.

What do we like this book?

This lovely book will speak to any reader who treasures poetry, city life, and beauty of an ordinary day. On a personal note, it reminds us of our delicate relationship with grandparents. A very soul review of Kiyoshi's walk here.

Dimensions: 11.1 x 0.5 x 8.6 inches

Print Length: 32 pages